Studio FB Live Session 021: The Ghost and the Guide

After a few months of these Studio FB Live Sessions, I decided it was time to try something different for this one. I’ve loved creating instrumental tracks live each week but it was time to bring in reinforcements. For this session I asked my buddy John Staub to join me…or maybe he asked to join […]

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Studio FB Live Session 020: Build

New Year Resolutions…a love-hate relationship. In years past, when crossing over into a new year I would set as many resolutions as I could. No matter how hard I tried I quickly became part of the 80% who quit them all before February. Last year I decided to try something different and chose a guiding word […]

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Studio FB Live Session 019: micro KORG Rebirth

When I was in college I picked up a cutting-edge new synthesizer called the Micro Korg. This thing was so was fun to mess around with. The sounds it produced was like nothing I knew as a guitar player. Arpegiators, synth leads, full drum loops were right there at the click of the keyboard. Although it was […]

Studio FB Live Session 018: Guitar Haven

Over the past couple of years, as I have been begun to create more and more instrumental music, it has forced me to brush up on my piano skills. For most of my life, I have solely been a guitar player and never really wanted to be anything more, but I have adapted over the years […]

Studio FB Live Session 017: Stranger Things

This session of Studio FB Live is all about music for tv/film. I have a pretty cool opportunity to be able to begin to create some music for tv/film. This is really exciting for me because I have always had this secret desire to score a film, so this is the start of a journey that […]

Studio FB Live Session 016: Collaboration

During this weeks session of Studio FB Live, we are talking all about collaboration. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to team up with my good buddy John Staub to work on a track we are calling Home. It was a grand experiment because John and I had never worked together before, but we decided to try it […]

Studio FB Live Session 015: The Beginning

It happened. I released it. My debut album The Beginning officially launched on Friday, November 3rd at the Fountain Square Brewery. Wow…I’m honestly speechless. This album took over 7 years and lots of fights with self-doubt to complete. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helped me make this happen, plus everyone who […]

Studio FB Live Session 013: Even More Artists

Well, we had a few technical difficulties, but we got it done in one way or another. This week I introduce you to two more artists that will be joining me on November 3rd. I also might tell you the name of the first ever band I was in. It’s epic…trust me. Bradford Smith Bradford […]