Are You Overwhelmed This Time of Year? (Then Do This)

How is it almost 2017?! As we begin to embrace the reality that 2016 is almost over, if you are anything like me, you began to look at what the new year has to offer. I’m not huge on resolutions, but I do set some goals and try to make them happen.


This time last year I was writing out a list of goals and preparing for the new year. One goal I wrote down was to consistently blog throughout each week. I didn’t have the perfect topic to write about, I just wanted to spread ideas of hope and healing. (more…)

Seriously, It’s Ok To Be Honest About Life Right Now

Life just doesn’t seem to work sometimes, does it? No matter how hard we try, the dots don’t seems to connect and allow us to move forward. Our thoughts our cloudy. Relationships are hard. Work seems meaningless, leaving us unfulfilled. It’s just hard. This is a frustrating reality but maybe it’s ok.

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Confession: This week has been rough. Nothing monumental or life changing happened, it just all feels off. I am lacking motivation and the desire to keep pushing forward on everything that is in front of me. It all feels to be in a fog that just isn’t lifting. I wouldn’t call it depression (because I know that’s a real struggle many people deal with on daily bases) but it is an overwhelming feeling that leaves me unable to gain the traction I feel is necessary. (more…)

The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude

Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re thinking about? As weird as that sounds it’s really important to pay attention to what we are dwelling on. Too often our thoughts lead us down a path we never intended to be on. That’s why I believe it’s super important to have and keep a positive mental attitude.

A photo by Ben White.

In 2005 I was the Intern Coordinator for a local youth group here in Indianapolis. The youth pastor, who was a good friend of mine, would start every day by walking in and announcing… (more…)

Have We Lost Touch With Who People Really Are?

I consider myself a kind and caring person. Someone that would help anyone in need. But the other night I found myself in a situation that forced me to ponder how cynical I have become. Here’s what happened.

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Last Monday I was at a wonderful Pub Theology event called Cocktails and Conversations. It was a beautiful evening filled with amazing conversation and new connections. The community we shared brought new life to the Bible story we discussed. It was a wonderful evening. (more…)

A Powerful Life Lesson I Learned From My Daughter

There is a drive deep down within each of us that says, “I can do it.” We want to prove we have something to offer this world. Although it’s good to show up each day and give it our all, trying to prove ourselves can really hold us back.

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This October my daughter, Story, will be turning two years old . Because she’s my first, each new stage is a new adventure for me as well. Right now her independence is beginning to blossom. It started with her car seat. (more…)

Is Songwriting The Breakthrough Your Church Needs

Whenever you talk songwriting within the church you can guarantee the names Hillsong, Elevation, or Jesus Culture will come up. It was only a few years ago that churches that wrote their own music were few and far between. Now it’s like everyone is doing it. But is it right for you and your church? I believe it is very important that every church considers writing their own songs. Here’s why.

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I remember when I heard that our music ministry was going to start writing their own songs. At the time, it sounded fun, mainly because it just seemed cool that we could say we wrote that song. I didn’t really know why. I do remember thinking to myself, “Isn’t songwriting done by professionals? Who are we to write songs?”  (more…)

3 Lessons I Learned From Studying Over 150 Different Artists

As artists, it’s easy to wonder if you are the only one who struggles with the creative process. It seems like everyone else has it all together. But we all struggle. Creating is hard. The question is what can we do about it?

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One of my goals this year is to read eight books. To some, that might not sound like a lot. (Why not twelve or more, right?) Well, compared to years past eight was a fairly lofty goal for me. (more…)

Bottom Line: Stop Making Your Art About You

As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in the work we do. More painting. More writing. More songs. All to fill the craving we have deep inside to create something beautiful. The real problem is when we start to lose our why and begin to think our art is all about us.

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As I walked across the parking lot, I could hear the familiar voice of my friend, Ben Cannon, echoing between the buildings. The radio broadcast had begun. I was already excited, but I could feel the anticipation growing with each step I took. Who would be there? How would the event be received? Would we really be able to make a difference? (more…)

How to Stop Drifting and Start Succeeding as an Artist

If there is one thing that independent musicians don’t lack, it’s tasks to be done. My list seems to double before I can even cross off one item. I’m sure you can relate to that. The problem is, how do you gain traction when there is so much to be done?

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One huge mistake I made when I started Grizzly Music Company, was that I allowed myself to be tossed from idea to idea in hopes that something would catch and propel us to success. Although the ideas were solid, my inability to follow through lead me (and those who chose to go with me) on a path to nowhere. (more…)