How To Use Your Worry For Good

I’m sure that if we are honest with ourselves we worry more than we would like to admit. We try to push it down and lock it away, but it always seems to creep back in when we least expect it. It’s not a question of if we will worry, but when we will. Because of this, we need to talk about it. We have a choice. The question is, what will we choose?

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Through the years, I have sat in enough church services, worship nights, and weekend conferences to have heard Philippians 4:6 quoted more than a handful of times. (more…)

3 Surefire Ways To Find Lasting Success In Life

I think we all can agree that the desire to be successful runs deep in our culture today. It drives us to work harder than those around us, doing all we can to achieve our idea of success. But what if there was a way to achieve true success without carrying the weight and worry that normally comes with it? I believe we can.

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I can take you to the exact location where I know God called me into music ministry. Well, almost the exact spot, the RCA Dome isn’t really there anymore, but you get the idea. I was a fifteen years old church kid who was attending a statewide youth rally in downtown Indianapolis. It was the time in the service where the leaders were praying over the students for God’s direction for their lives. (more…)

Why You Need To See The Beauty In Your Brokenness

A few weeks ago I wrote about pain and how it affects us. It’s never fun, but there can be a purpose to our pain if we look for it. Through my struggle, I have questioned God’s presence, been angry at him, and even wanted to walk away altogether. But what I have found is that there is beauty in my brokenness. And if I let it, my pain can actually take me farther than I ever expected to go.

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Growing up in the church I believed that my behavior directly affected God’s view of me. If I was a good boy, God would be happy. If I was bad, he wasn’t so happy. God was Heaven’s version of Santa Clause and I was determined to stay on the “nice list”. (more…)

3 Simple Ways to Assess Your Leadership Ability

When you are leading a team and it’s going well, all is right with the world. But when it’s not going so well, what are you to do? How do you figure out how to fix it? Well after watching many hours of TV (not highly recommended, but sometimes educational.) I discovered a clue in a very unlikely source. Gordon Ramsey.

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I am a sucker for Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. If you haven’t seen it, the premise of the show is that a struggling restaurant owner, on the verge of closing their doors, reaches out to Gordon for help. He comes in to assess the restaurant, find the problems, and make the necessary changes. (more…)