When It’s Difficult To Let The Light In

Sometimes I try to be really inspirational. To say things that make you think, all while inspiring you to move beyond yourself and into something new. Maybe I’m trying to be the musical version of Tony Robbins, I don’t know…

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When I was recording this week’s track I felt inspired and did my best to record the ideas that reflected what I was feeling. I believe I did that pretty well, I’m just not really sure how to put it all into words.  (more…)

Sometimes All Hope Is Lost

Have you ever lost hope? Maybe in a situation, in a friend, or in life. When you find yourself in that position it is really difficult to will yourself from its grip. It sucks you in and holds you hostage, but all it takes is a spark, a simple single spark to bring you back.

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This time of year is really hard on my positive outlook in life. The sun goes away for weeks at a time. The cold air cuts through me so quickly. Cabin fever sets in and all I can do is hope for spring to arrive. (more…)

It’s Time To Shift Your Perspective

Whenever I sit down to write a track it’s really easy for me to fall into a routine. To do something similar to what I’ve always done. It’s easier that way. I understand what I’m doing and it doesn’t take as much creativity to get my work accomplished. But what good comes from doing the same thing over and over again?

This week’s track is entitled A New Horizon, mainly because I liked the way it sounded, but also because of how I approached the track itself. Like I mentioned above, it’s really easy for me to fall into a routine and just “let it happen.” This week I wanted to try something different. (more…)

It’s Time To Allow The Stillness To Birth Clarity

I learned something about myself this week. It’s something that I probably should have known, but I guess I never really paid attention to it. My brain is always on. Always dreaming, thinking, contemplating, creating. It will run at 100% all day long if I don’t consciously try to slow it down.

Last week the alarm went off and my brain went with it. I had a ton to get done so I didn’t really think about what I was thinking about. All day I went from place to place, meeting to meeting, all in an effort to accomplish my to-do list.  (more…)

Dreaming of Something New

It’s a new year. A fresh start.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in 2017 I decided that instead of creating a handful of resolutions that I probably wouldn’t stick with, I was going to choose a word for the year instead. I had never done this before so I didn’t really have any rules to follow, I just wanted to find a word that would act as a guide through the adventures of the new year.  (more…)

Are You Overwhelmed This Time of Year? (Then Do This)

How is it almost 2017?! As we begin to embrace the reality that 2016 is almost over, if you are anything like me, you began to look at what the new year has to offer. I’m not huge on resolutions, but I do set some goals and try to make them happen.


This time last year I was writing out a list of goals and preparing for the new year. One goal I wrote down was to consistently blog throughout each week. I didn’t have the perfect topic to write about, I just wanted to spread ideas of hope and healing. (more…)

No, I Will Not Forgive You!

Extending forgiveness sucks when someone hurts you. It’s hard, and in certain situations, feels impossible. I’m learning there is no clear cut path to forgiveness, but there are a few steps that we can begin to take.

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This year I was deeply hurt by someone very close to me. To this day I can still hear his words echoing in my head. Words that ripped me apart and left my heart in pieces. And to think, this was coming from someone I loved, trusted, and respected. (more…)

Does God Really Have Our Best Interest In Mind?

Being a dad is scary. Over the past two years of being a father, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Seeing the world through the eyes of my daughter has taught me many lessons about love, trust, and faith. It also has given me a glimpse into how God sees and loves me. It’s an interesting paradigm shift, but a much-needed one.

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Remember the shape sorter? The toy where you match a cube to a hole of the same shape. The other day Story and I were sorting through the circles and stars when she began to struggle. After a few failed attempts she looked at me and said, “Help me, Dada”.  (more…)

Seriously, It’s Ok To Be Honest About Life Right Now

Life just doesn’t seem to work sometimes, does it? No matter how hard we try, the dots don’t seems to connect and allow us to move forward. Our thoughts our cloudy. Relationships are hard. Work seems meaningless, leaving us unfulfilled. It’s just hard. This is a frustrating reality but maybe it’s ok.

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Confession: This week has been rough. Nothing monumental or life changing happened, it just all feels off. I am lacking motivation and the desire to keep pushing forward on everything that is in front of me. It all feels to be in a fog that just isn’t lifting. I wouldn’t call it depression (because I know that’s a real struggle many people deal with on daily bases) but it is an overwhelming feeling that leaves me unable to gain the traction I feel is necessary. (more…)